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About Me

Hello! I'm Tesla Pratt, and growing up as the daughter of two small business owners, I have personally witnessed the immense value that a website brings. My dad first started his candy company, “Candy Warehouse” in 1998, when websites were just starting to be used by retail companies. By using a website, he was able to dominate the online candy market, and got a ton of traffic that he wouldn’t have gotten otherwise. After the successful sale of Candy Warehouse, he ventured into the realm of Halloween props with "Screamium." Once again, a website played a pivotal role in providing shoppers with accurate information and details about his products.


I have encountered numerous instances where restaurants or retail stores had outdated operating hours or failed to list holiday and seasonal closings on platforms like Google. This situation can be incredibly frustrating, especially when it results in wasted time and effort driving to a location that turns out to be closed. That's why I genuinely appreciate it when shops have their own websites. When I can obtain information directly from their website, I am more inclined to visit the shop, as it provides a sense of reliability and ensures that I have accurate and up-to-date information.

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